We’re Still Here (for the Most Part)

2013 May 13
by Sara

Life may not be filled with Asian and Central American adventures these days, but we’re still able to get out and enjoy ourselves. First Glenwood Springs, then Las Vegas, and now the backyard since Spring has finally arrived. Check out Maggie’s Our New Office debut!

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British Travel Facts – INFOGRAPHIC

2011 August 16
by Jason

Just for fun, here’s an interesting infographic about the travel habits of the typical UK resident. Some of the highlights:

  1. They want to go to the beach – and I completely understand why – but they do it in August? I’ve never been to the UK, but it seems like August is a month I actually want to be in the British Isles. January, however, I want out.
  2. They only take 1 week. I thought all the Euros took multiple weeks off every year? Isn’t that what all the “Europe has a better quality of life” people tell us?
  3. They’re all about the all inclusive deal. I’m wondering if this is just a function of the world economy or the fact that people from the UK want to drink their arses off without paying per drink…

Anyways, enjoy.

Mr X Goes on Holiday
Data courtesy of travelmatch. Data based on searches conducted through travelmatch‘s travel discovery engine.

110 Bison, 32 Elk, 1 Black Bear, 13 Cowboy Hats, and 22 Camouflage Ball Caps

2011 July 16
by Sara

Based on this headline, where do you suppose we traveled to this past June?




Estes Park, Colorado?

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A Puerto Vallarta Wedding

2011 January 19
by Sara

Last November, Jason and I made the trip to Puerto Vallarta for a dear friend’s wedding. Ever since the trip I’ve been meaning to blog about it, but the time just keeps slipping by.

So…instead of wasting anymore time, I thought I’d make a fun video. Congrats to Betsy and Kris!

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Where in the World Are Sara and Jason? Plus a Few Glamour Shots.

2010 November 14
by Sara

We’re at home. Jason in the living room office, and I’m in the spare bedroom office toiling away and saving our pennies for future trips.

We’re already thinking about all the places we’d like to visit over the next few years. Florida, Wisconsin, California, Mexico, South America, Iowa, Texas, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize, New York,¬†Massachusetts…man, maybe we should buy an RV now instead of later.

None of our travel plans are set yet. Business is booming, and we agree that we’re pretty darn lucky to be hanging out here in Colorado. The mountain views are amazing, and, slowly but surely, we’re learning to breath at high¬†altitudes¬†again.

Our new place is quite nice. It’s about twice the size and has about three times the light than our New York apartment. On top of that, our landlord, RJ Kern, is a nice guy. No more impersonal corporate management company.

RJ also happens to be a photographer and runs his own photography business, Kern Photo. He graciously took our photos, so that we could use them as professional head shots. Here are few…don’t you think Jason looks handsome?

jason lancaster denver colorado

sara lancaster colorado

jason lancaster president spork web marketing

sara lancaster denver writer

A Beagle On the Move

2010 October 17
by Sara

Moe has gone from being a city dog brave enough to walk the NYC streets at 2am to a dog from the suburbs who barks when the wind blows. To say that he is undergoing a transition would be an understatement.

In New York, Moe loved the buildings, the smells, the excitement, and, most of all, he loved his friends. Meet Lucy. She’s a cute lil’ beagle we met at the dog park who came over to play once or twice.

YouTube Preview Image

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in NYC

2010 October 9
by Sara

Our time in New York is over, which is too bad, because we both enjoyed it more than we expected. Looking back, we wish we had given ourself more time in the Big Apple, but our Colorado life came calling. If only we disliked either New York or Colorado even a little bit, then maybe the decision would have been easier. But, no. We love Colorado just the same, and so, we’re back!

But…I thought it would be good to wrap up our NYC stay with a list of the good and the bad.

30 Things I’ll Miss About New York

1. The smell of flowers outside the bodegas
2. Meeting all the different dogs on the street
3. Running through Central Park and getting lost
4. Subway musicians
5. Chicken Festival
6. Having so many visitors!
7. Brownstones
8. Being a tourist (does her arm ever get tired?)

view from staten island ferry
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The Best Way to See NYC – A Food Tour

2010 July 4
by Sara

I’ve had a feeling that the best way to tour New York City is by way of a food tour. But timing and weather haven’t allowed us to do it. At least not until a couple weeks back when our friends Jake and Paige came to visit. And oh man, I’m so glad they did. Turns out eating your way through a city is the best way to sight see.

On this particularly day, the sky was clear and the temperatures reached the upper 70s. We were well rested, hydrated, and the camera had batteries. We were prepared.

First stop, Lexington Candy Shop.

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New York City Travel Tips

2010 June 7
by Sara

1. It doesn’t just smell like pee; it is pee. Watch your step.

2. When shopping for an authentic Rolex in Battery Park, don’t pay more than $20 (see previous post).

3. If you are going to a Yankees game and want to tour the museum, arrive a couple hours early. The lines are long and things close before the start of the game. (Below pic: Husband, Jason and Brother, Mike)

yankees game

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Some People Don’t Know What Curb Your Dog Means

2010 May 21
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by Jason

My lovely wife Sara is smart, hard-working, and infinitely patient with me. I am truly blessed to have met her.

Mike and Sara buy a Rolex

My brother-in-law Mike and my wife Sara. Mike just bought a genuine Rolex from some guy in Battery Park!

Unfortunately, a by-product of her good looks is the fact that she can often use them to hide her lack of vocabulary. Over the few years that I’ve known her, dozens of words (some of which are admittedly obscure) have escaped her. One of those words is curb, as in “Curb Your Dog.” read more…