Cambodia, Like Thailand But Different

2008 November 19
by Sara

You should visit Cambodia.

We were both a little hesitant about visiting Cambodia because of things we had read and things we had been told about safety and malaria from our nurse at Denver Health. But now that we’ve been we are so glad we went and would encourage any traveler to do the same.

Yes, it’s true the government is corrupt and the police are pretty much non-existent, but the people are incredibly nice and the country has everything to offer that Thailand has to offer except at a much less expensive price tag.

Cambodia’s history is complex and sad, but I think that made the trip that much more interesting. If I had to do it over again we would’ve spent less time at Thailand’s beaches and more time at Cambodia’s. I think we could have made a larger contribution to the Cambodian economy than Thailand’s and we would’ve spent a few fewer dollars too.


Amazing sunsets in Cambodia. This is from the airplane, but even in Siem Reap it was impressive.


You’ll find the temple of all temples (Angkor Wat) here.

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