Meat Bees, Bears, and Bats in Lake Tahoe

2008 September 9
by Jason

September 4th, 2008. When we first got to Lake Tahoe, we were told about meat bees. Evidently, if you eat meat outside (like if you order suasage for breakfast and you’re sitting on the deck) “meat bees” will come up to your breakfast and abscond with a tiny little piece of meat. Talk about creepy. I already dislike bees and wasps – now you’re telling me there are meat-eating bees?! No thanks.

Next up, bats. Sara saw a bat somewhere. Evidently there are plenty of bats in and around Lake Tahoe. I don’t mind them too much – it’s not like they’re South American vampire bats that spread rabies – but I’m not in love with them or anything. Sara is totally creeped out by them.

When we first got to the house, we were told about bears. Bears that like food. Bears that like trash. Bears that have broken into the neighbor’s house – twice. We now understand why there’s a big bulky box out front with a lock – that’s to keep the bears out of the trash.



Meat bees.

Exciting times.

Did I mention just how dark it gets here at night? It’s like we’re in the middle of the woods or something…(humor). But seriously it’s pitch black – I’m truly uncomfortable here at night. Between the animals and the fact that it’s so remote, so dark, and so quiet, it’s sort of scary. It’s the kind of place a serial killer would choose for his victims. I’d be much more comfortable at a condo in a big city.

Which brings me to my point – it’s all about perspective. Some people are scared when they hear car alarms, random shouting, and police sirens, but I can sleep right through it. Other people are scared of meat bees, bears, bats, quiet, and eerie deep-woods darkness.

But isn’t everyone scared of bears? At least there are a lot of stray dogs around – if I was a bear I would be more interested in a tasty Labrdor Retriever than a smelly human. Hopefully the bears feel the same way.

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  1. September 11, 2008

    I saw the bats right outside the living room window! And I’m not scared of bears, I’m scared of mountain lions.

  2. Ralph permalink
    September 18, 2008

    yo, meat eating bees sound like killa bees to me! can you guys let me know if they eat flesh too? remind me to never, ever, travel there. please. i wonder if a bear can outrun a dog? i would pay to see that race! seriously, $$$$$! not that i don’t love dogs, because they are great pets. but bears could make a great pet too. maybe the bears could eat the stray dogs, then people would adopt the bears…

  3. Jason permalink*
    September 23, 2008

    I want to see a bear outrun a dog too – hilarious.

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