Thinking, Talking, and Energy

2008 September 14
by Jason

September 8-10th, 2008. I feel a little guilty generating so many posts that cover multiple days, but the truth is Sara and I aren’t doing much except work. The house we’re staying at is very nice, so we’re also staying in most nights. Not many stories to tell. We did visit South Lake Tahoe on Saturday (which I neglected to mention) and we had a nice meal at the Harrah’s buffet. We’ve also enjoyed a few nice conversations.

Today (Wednesday), Sara and I decided we had to do something with our afternoon besides work. We have to enjoy our travels, after all. We figured we’d venture back near Gar Woods and rent a pedal boat we saw. Unfortunately, it seems that the tourist season in Tahoe is over. At three o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, the pedal boat rental business is too slow to bother to staff. We try a couple of places in our attempt to entertain ourselves, but all we find at the possible pedal boat rental offices are phone numbers – no people.

After giving up on the idea of renting a pedal boat, Sara and I are driving back to our rental home. I’m yammering on about something and Sara is tuning me out. When I ask her what she thinks about what I’m saying, Sara confesses that “thinking takes energy.” Evidently, Sara must conserve thinking in order to preserve her energy.

My guess is that she was trying not to tell me how I was boring her, but when I accused her of as much, she denied it. We then discussed how much energy thinking really consumed. How many calories were spent thinking about math problems as opposed to how many calories can be spent thinking about monkeys, etc. We had a good time.

Tomorrow is more work, but we’ve vowed to go out and have some fun on Friday. We’ve got a meeting in Reno Friday afternoon, and we’re going to head to the local REI to buy some supplies for the big trip to Asia. We’re also going to stock up on wine at Trader Joe’s. Exciting, isn’t it?

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  1. Ralph permalink
    September 18, 2008

    wow! i tried not thinking for a while, and it’s true, i do have more energy! i’m pretty excited now. this weekend i’m going to see how long i can go without doing ANY thinking. any bets?

  2. September 22, 2008

    At least 2 hours.

  3. Jason permalink*
    September 23, 2008

    I say 8 hours – provided you drink your face off on Friday night.

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