We Can’t Tell If Its Cloudy or Smoggy

2008 October 22
by Sara

The first few days we were in Beijing the weather was beautiful. The temperature was just right, the sky was blue, the sun was out, and we were happy. We even talked to other travelers about how surprised we were that there wasn’t that much pollution.

But then day four came and with it the pollution. Coming from Denver we are both used to seeing hazy days and even seeing days where you can’t see the downtown skyline because of all the smog, but this….this is different.

It’s so smoggy that it looks like clouds. It’s so smoggy that you can’t really see the tops of buildings. It’s so smoggy that when I look down the hallway in our hotel (inside mind you) that I can see a haze. It’s so smoggy that the sun looks weird.


It’s most likely a combination of weather and pollution, but it all makes me a little sad. We talk a lot about the lungs of the people that live here and how it might be hurting the little babies and the environment of the whole world, not just here in China.

The up side is that I think this may make an environmentalist out of Jason, but don’t tell him I said that because he’ll deny it:)

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