The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in NYC

2010 October 9
by Sara

Our time in New York is over, which is too bad, because we both enjoyed it more than we expected. Looking back, we wish we had given ourself more time in the Big Apple, but our Colorado life came calling. If only we disliked either New York or Colorado even a little bit, then maybe the decision would have been easier. But, no. We love Colorado just the same, and so, we’re back!

But…I thought it would be good to wrap up our NYC stay with a list of the good and the bad.

30 Things I’ll Miss About New York

1. The smell of flowers outside the bodegas
2. Meeting all the different dogs on the street
3. Running through Central Park and getting lost
4. Subway musicians
5. Chicken Festival
6. Having so many visitors!
7. Brownstones
8. Being a tourist (does her arm ever get tired?)

view from staten island ferry
9. Cabs
10. Mass transit (a bus stop right outside my doorway!)

nyc subway
11. Celebrity sightings
12. People watching
13. City art

nyc building art
14. Street food

nyc street food
15. Food tours
16. The NYC ice cream walk (think of it like Sunday driving, but on your feet and with an ice cream cone)
17. Cheap manicures and pedicures
18. Living near the water

hudson river from the cloisters
19. Our friends
20. Pizza!
21. The library
22. Urban parks

lower east side city garden

23. The knishes from the deli down the street
24. Free delivery for EVERYTHING
25. Our neighbor, the parakeet, who woke me up with a cat call every morning
26. The skyline

jason and sara in new york city
27. The wine shop in our building
28. Window shopping
29. PopBar (gelato on a stick)

popbar nyc
30. Museums (this picture came from The Cloisters)

the cloisters in nyc

A Few Things I Won’t Miss About New York

1. The fear of bed bugs
2. Smell of trash
3. Tiny apartments
4. The grocery store
5. Scurrying mice, rats, and cockroaches

As for the ugly, there’s not too much about New York that I’d consider ugly. Well, except for those bed bugs!

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    March 7, 2013

    Nice pics and great information

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