British Travel Facts – INFOGRAPHIC

2011 August 16
by Jason

Just for fun, here’s an interesting infographic about the travel habits of the typical UK resident. Some of the highlights:

  1. They want to go to the beach – and I completely understand why – but they do it in August? I’ve never been to the UK, but it seems like August is a month I actually want to be in the British Isles. January, however, I want out.
  2. They only take 1 week. I thought all the Euros took multiple weeks off every year? Isn’t that what all the “Europe has a better quality of life” people tell us?
  3. They’re all about the all inclusive deal. I’m wondering if this is just a function of the world economy or the fact that people from the UK want to drink their arses off without paying per drink…

Anyways, enjoy.

Mr X Goes on Holiday
Data courtesy of travelmatch. Data based on searches conducted through travelmatch‘s travel discovery engine.

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  1. January 30, 2014

    I just love travel infographics :)
    Brits love Spain – I knew that, but the fact that they love swimming pools so much, I didn’t!

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