About Us

Chapter 1: Frequent Flyer Mile Accumulation

In the middle of 2008, we (Sara and Jason Lancaster) set out to travel for a solid two years. OurNewOffice.com began as a way to share our experiences of working and traveling at the same time. Call it international telecommuting, location independent professionals, or whatever else you want to…we like to call it fun.

Here’s our route from 2008-2010:

  • A three-week start in Aruba.
  • Tahoe and then Iowa where we got hitched.
  • Two and half months bouncing around Asia.
  • After a quick stop in Colorado, we headed to Central America where we stayed for five months. (Panama, we love you!)
  • Ending it all with a year in New York City—the best year.

Chapter 2: And Baby Makes Three (If you don’t count the beagle)

All good things must end, or so they say. But the truth is that we wanted to trade one good thing for another good thing. After two years of travel, we were ready to find a place to settle in Denver, Colorado, so we could start a family and focus on our businesses. Jason is an Internet marketing consultant/SEO specialist at Spork Marketing, and Sara is a website content writer at No. 2 Pen.

The baby will arrive sometime in November 2011.

Chapter 3: Proving that People with Kids CAN Travel

The future is looking bright! If all goes well, we’ll continue to visit somewhere new every year with babe in tow. Our travel certainly won’t look like it did during Chapter 1, but we can come close. We’re sure of it.

So, if you’re interested in the occasional travel story, beagle photo, and baby photo, then we hope you’ll stop by often. You can sign up to receive an email when we post a new entry or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on top of Our New Office events.

lancaster family in evergreen

October 3, 2011