I Love New York in June

2010 April 18
by Sara

Errrrr…. I mean I love New York in April, not June. How ’bout you?

It’s not because I enjoy days of torrential rains and gusty winds off the East River, it’s because we get to play hooky and have fun in the sunshine.

Jason golfing at Chelsea Piers

Nice swing!

Now that it’s nice outside we have lots of time to enjoy the dog parks. Jason even sports his Okoboji t-shirt – a special gift from my parents. He makes them proud, I’m sure.

Jason in an Okoboji tshirt

After six months of winter, it’s nice to see more New Yorkers enjoying nightlife outside rather than inside. People watching is better when its 60 degrees.


Aside from play time and t-shirt wearing, my favorite part about being in New York during April are the flowers.

Queensboro Bridge in spring

Streetside Daffodils

New York tulips in April

Schultz Park tree blossoms

Beagle Dance Party

2010 March 24
by Jason

We’ve been told that anyone can train a dog to sit. Tricks like stay, fetch, shake hands – according to the obedience experts at the nearby ASPCA – are much harder for a dog to master.

My question is, what about teaching a dog to dance?

Moe, our lovable little beagle, is a dance MACHINE. To quote dance flick Saturday Night Fever:

Sara says to Moe: “Nice move. Did you make that up?

Moe says: “Yeah, well I saw it on TV first, then I made it up.

Check out the world premiere of “Beagle Dance Party” – best 2 hours of our day.

YouTube Preview Image

Moe Speaks: A Day at the Dog Park

2010 March 13
by Sara

When we first started taking Moe to the dog park he would hide under the benches. So shy!

Shy Beagle

But now he’s much more outgoing. In fact, Moe is pretty vocal when he’s happy. In this video you can hear his “play with me” bark. Too bad lil’ Frenchie ain’t havin’ it.

Flickr Video

Once he’s back from the park and has had a couple long walks, he’ll finally take a nap.

Sleepy Moe

Trips to the dog park are important to Moe. If we don’t make enough time to exercise him, then he’s usually naughty.

Naughty Moe

But all is forgiven after another long walk.

Moe and Jason on the East River


Smiling Beagle

First Hire at Our New Office

2010 February 20
by Sara

Jason and I have gotten so busy with work that we we decided to hire some help.

Our New Office Manager

Moe has all the right clerical skills we need, and it turns out he’s a personal trainer too. This means we’ll get more exercise during our lunch hours. Look out New York, we’re about to get skinny.

We found Moby (Moe for short) at the ASPCA in our neighborhood. Most of the dogs there were Pit Bulls aside from a handful of strays and other little dogs that were rescued from puppy mills. Except for Moe and his brother, Max.

About eight months ago, a family adopted Moe and Max from a “breeder” in Missouri. For only $5,000 they had two “purebred Beagle” puppies on their hands. I guess Moe and Max were so noisy that the family was going to get evicted from their home. (Beagles are notoriously loud; they have three types of bark.) Long story short, the family gave up on both Moe and Max and took them to the ASPCA.

We met with Moe knowing all of these things. And while we wanted to get an older, smaller dog for our itty bitty apartment, we realized that healthy, little ol’ dogs are hard to come by here. Plus, Moe is just so darn cute, how could we say no?

Jason and Moe

They tell us that Moe is a Beagle-Basset Hound mix. And while his breed and his history tell us that he’s going to be a noisy booger, I haven’t heard him bark yet. No, really. A little bit a whining for the first five-minutes in his kennel, but otherwise, he’s super duper quiet. And cute, of course.

New York, I Have a Few Questions

2010 February 13
by Sara

There are quite a few things that I see or experience here in New York that I just don’t understand. For example, why does the vacuum repair shop on my block tape autumn leaves (the paper kind) to their windows in February? Why is it that every time I walk fast Jason says it’s because I’m cold?

I’m also confused why I see vendors selling sheets at every street fair. Are people really taking to the streets to buy bedding?


On our way to the subway we walk by the Albanian Consulate. Not really a big deal, but I’m very curious to know why the door is always ajar.


In a previous post I talked about the Dogs of New York. More people have pets in Manhattan than I would’ve guessed. I’m starting to understand why and see that’s it probably not that inconvenient. But, why do people insist on bringing pets into the laundry room?


And how do the professional dog walkers keep all those leashes from getting tangled up?


Speaking of animals, I’m confused by all the women who wear fur coats. Why? Why? I see fur coats and hats everywhere, especially in our neighborhood. I thought “fur was murder?”


If you look close in the pic above you can see Jason in the reflection. He was busy admiring the coats.

1100 Calories of Valentine Love

2010 February 13
by Sara

Cupcakes are a big deal in New York …


Big in more ways than one. The good news is that calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day.


To top off our heart-day wishes for you, enjoy this latte. A bit of foam espresso art should warm your heart.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 Reasons Puerto Rico Is Better than Hawaii

2010 January 21
by Sara

1. Puerto Rican restaurants serve plantains and yummy avocado dishes.

Puerto Rican Food

2. Seaside condos are more affordable in Puerto Rico.

Our San Juan Condo

3. Old Town San Juan has charming colonial architecture and a HUGE fortress.

Old Town San Juan

4. Puerto Rico is an enchanted island.

Enchanted Island

5. Puerto Rico has a better ratio of old folks to bikinis.

Luquillo Beach

PS – I’ve never been to Hawaii so everything in this post could be completely inaccurate.

PPS – I only wrote this post because a certain someone(s) insists that Hawaii is better than Central America and the Caribbean EVEN THOUGH there aren’t any monkeys in Hawaii.

PPPS – I’m sure Hawaii is a nice place. I mean no offense to Hawaiians or travelers who like to go there.

PPPPS – If you’d like to share your frequent flyer miles with me, I’d gladly accept and write a more positive review.

Happy Holidays from Our New Office

2009 December 20
by Sara

It’s been a very cold and very busy month at our office.  We’ve had several friends visit and my parents visited too, which gave us a chance to go on a few sightseeing adventures in New York City. Here are some of the highlights. Hopefully, this helps get you into the festive spirit.

Ho ho ho!


Ahhhhh. Ice skating in Central Park.


The famous Rockefeller Center.


Macy’s on 32nd Street. Eight floors to this place and it takes up an entire city block!


Even the Regis & Kelly LIVE show celebrates the season (notice lights in the background). We were lucky enough to get tickets to a live taping a couple weeks ago.


Holiday window displays abound.


Wall Street knows how to celebrate too.


We laugh in the face of cold weather and wind.


Big snowfall is rare in these parts. But today we woke up to 10 inches of snow!

An Our New Office Pop Culture Quiz

2009 November 14
by Sara

Can you tell us the name of the TV family that lived in this house?


The USS New York

2009 November 10
by Jason

The U.S. Navy just commissioned the latest and greatest USS New York in New York city last Saturday (Nov. 7th). The New York steamed into the city early last week, and after it participates in the Veteran’s Day parade tomorrow, it will officially begin service as a vessel in the U.S. Navy.


Lucky for Sara, myself, and anyone reading this post, the New York was open for public tours this week…and we got to see her yesterday.

Here are the highlights:


Permission to come aboard, el Capitan? We felt like we were honorary members in the VFW while visiting because we were completely surrounded by retirees. They were a little rowdy, but it was a good group overall.


This was a hands-on, “gee that sure is neat can I press that big red button sir?” kind of tour. Kudos to the military for offering the tour in the first place, and double-kudos for letting everyone climb up on the tank.


What a yokel I am! I thought it would be a funny picture, but instead it’s just weird.


The New York is a San Antonio-class Platform Loading Dock…which means it hauls U.S. Marines + equipment wherever they are needed in the world. The inside of the ship is basically a big parking garage filled with tanks, Humvees, amphibious assault vehicles, and two giant hovercraft. These vehicles are secured using lots of tie-down ratchet straps (shown above).


Up on the “roof” of this giant parking garage (a.k.a. the deck of the ship), there are a bunch of Marine helicopters. Cobra attack helicopters, Sea King cargo helicopters, and the big Osprey shown above. It was an exceedingly nice day, so everyone was happy to hang out on the deck and enjoy the weather.


All jokes and B.S. aside, I was really proud to be an American yesterday, and NOT because of the potential havoc and destruction our mighty armed forces can bring to bear. That’s cool, mind you, but that’s not what had me buzzing.

What put a smile on my face were the people. Everyone on this ship – and I mean everyone – was really happy and excited. The sailors and Marines were happy to be giving tours and answering questions. The tourists and New Yorkers were happy to be on board, and everyone understood the sacrifice these young people were making and they all seemed grateful.

It was a cool way to spend a lunch hour on a Monday.